Research on felted wool in The Balkan Route

14 November 2017

Each new season is an opportunity for experimentation, to explore creative paths to capture the inspirational universe of each collection.

In the Balkan Route organic forms were found, rounded lines that allowed to create subtle fusions between pieces and fabrics. In pursuance of emulating landscapes, research with felted wool was a key piece.

Throughout the collection, the fabric by itself – with the felted technique- creates a landscape, as nature does and creates new fabrics in the process. It is a guiding threat, present both in the complements as in some of the main pieces.

Making felt is a millennial art, and it is only achieved when, even to a small extent, there is a proportion of wool. The natural tendency of wool is to become entangled when exposed to heat, moisture and pressure. Felted wool is the result of this natural process.

Combining different fabrics and tonalities, felting is a process that allows to create unique, suggestive and unique pieces, where delicacy and strength coexist with naturalness.