Earloop hygienic mask black

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Mascareta infantil ratlles

Mascareta infantil ratlles


Mascareta higiènica infantil reutilitzable.

Per desinfectar-la es pot rentar a 60 graus.

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Practical case to keep your MIRIAM PONSA reusable hygienic masks protected without getting contaminated by other objects.

The case can fit two or three masks but we recommend that they be stored individually. comfortable and small so you can carry it in a handbag or in your school backpack without taking up more space than necessary. It includes a ribbon so you can find it more easily inside your bag.

Velcro® closure

Size: 20 cms x 11.5 cms

Produced with Texsilk® polypropylene fabric certified by Itel

Water resistant

Washable at 60 degrees.

Instructions for use
It is advisable to wash before the first use.

Wash at 60 degrees

Do not use fabric softener or bleach

It cannot be put in the dryer.

Do not iron.

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