MIRIAM PONSA is born from the passion to create. Investigate textures and explore creative paths is our raison d'être.

Non-conformist with materials and curious about techniques, Miriam Ponsa understands fashion as a discipline that is enriched by other arts. The research she carries out is completely free, based on her own experience and all that surrounds her. She combines the latest techniques with reminiscences of older skills and uses materials rarely used in fashion.

Miriam Ponsa offers a designer collection totally produced in Catalonia for authentic women who value design and comfort in their daily life. Garments with high quality fabrics and designed for women who want to move with total freedom and feel unique and special.

The principles that drive us 

MIRIAM PONSA was born in 2000, from the first moment questioning imposed certainties that take us away from our ideals and positioning ourselves without hesitation.

This concern has led the brand to leave the conventional catwalk and opt for its own show, with models that represent female diversity and giving value to natural and authentic beauty.

It has also led him to defend local production, producing 100% of the collection from local workshops in the first day and making its values ​​visible at MIRIAM PONSA Manifesto. 


# 1 Creative research

MIRIAM PONSA is born from the passion to create. We investigate textures and combine the most modern techniques with the most traditional ones, because exploring new paths of creation is our motive for being.

# 2 Dignified work

The fashion industry must offer dignified work to all the people involved in the process of creation. From the first prototype to the sale to the public, we foster decent working conditions.

# 3 Local production

The production in local workshops is part of the essence MIRIAM PONSA. Thus, the whole process is intertwined and we can follow it with the care that each step deserves. Design, patterning, cutting, producing, dyeing, ironinging, quality control and distribution is done exclusively in Catalan workshops and following high standards of quality and sustainability.

# 4 Team working

MIRIAM PONSA is much more than the creativity of an independent designer. It is a team that works with the same goals and that, thanks to their harmony, help create the MIRIAM PONSA universe. It is a team of women who creates for women.

# 5 Environmental sustainability

The fashion industry should never harm the environment where it is developed, but it should find alternatives so that the impact on the territory it is positive. We have a determined environmental awareness that leads us to the constant search for environmentally friendly alternatives.

# 6 Recover, recycle, reuse

MIRIAM PONSA was born in 2000 with the reform of the old family factory, which had been in disuse for 20 years. Since the first day we have been characterized by the recovery of spaces, furniture and clothing that had been dismissed. We impregnate ourselves with the other lives of each piece and we offer them a new one.

# 7 Artisanal process

It is in the process when the various paths appear, and therefore it is more important than the result itself. The process is the game, when everything is possible, is when we enjoy more than ever, it is when production is not production, but craftwork.

# 8 Roots

We respect and value our roots and our cultural heritage. We listen to what is happening in our environment and try to enrich ourselves with the high-value proposals that are born around us. Therefore, we seek collaborations with local and socially ethical projects.

# 9 Artistic environment

In MIRIAM PONSA art and craft work converge in each piece. The fashion we create is not intended to be restricted to catwalks and display windows. It is a fashion alive, inspired by the paths that other artists and creatives from various fields have drawn before.

# 10 Culture of fashion

We firmly believe that fashion is culture and that we must seek synergies to build a culture of fashion around us. From healthy competition with brands that share our values it arises mutual enrichment and a solid culture of fashion emerges.

We have a weakness: we are sensitive to beaurty. 

A new way of buying 

Now, immersed in an incessant buzz that is pushing us to push to buy objects that we do not need while the world demands us to stop with the overexploitation of natural resources, MIRIAM PONSA says enough to this model of production and consumption.

That’s why we decided not to produce the collections like we’ve done so far. We have decided to turn it around, and we will only produce on demand. It is a risky decision, and to make it work, we need you. We need you to join a new way of buying. With foresight and without urgency. A thoughtful purchase, with the social and environmental commitment always present.Without expecting aggressive discounts, but with a fair price. 

We are commited to set a fair price. A price that will be fair to you, but also for those who produce your garment. We guarantee that it will be a fair price for the workers of the workshops that make the collection possible. 

Do you join us?  


Miriam Ponsa comes from a family with an ancient textile tradition dating back to the early nineteenth century. Her collections are imbued with the industrial spirit of centuries-old tradition.

The great-grandmother of Miriam Ponsa inaugurated in 1886, in the middle of the industrial era, a factory of silk threads and ribbons to make espardenyes, the traditional Catalan footwear. A fact that marked the childhood of Miriam Ponsa who played among tangles of yarn hearing the never-ending noise of the looms.

MIRIAM PONSA project began in 2000 with the restoration of the old family factory, that had fallen in disuse for 5 years. The industrial spirit is very present in the MIRIAM PONSA universe, from the workshop where she designs each of piece, in the family factory of Manresa, to her stores, through the furniture restored from old factories and centenary textile workshops.


MIRIAM PONSA is much more than the creativity of an independent designer. It is a whole team of people working with the same aims and who, thanks to their harmony, helping to create the MIRIAM PONSA universe.

Miriam Ponsa

Creative soul. Artist who has succeeded in making a living from her passion. Do not be surprised to see her visiting a workshop, replacing a saleswoman or sending an order from the online store. Perfectionist and demanding, but with the maximum empathy and confidence in her team.

Enric Burgstaller

The orchestra conductor of MIRIAM PONSA avoids the business manager label. He is in charge of tuning the gears up and ensuring that everything fits in the daily life at MIRIAM PONSA. Adventurous confessed and polyvalent as few. Generosity is his best virtue and the illusion of children remains intact in his eyes. Cyclist spirit: always until the next control point.

Sílvia Balcells

Outstanding patronist executing the creations of MIRIAM PONSA and putting the feet of the designer on the ground since 2002. She concentrates all the skills of the profession and combines it with an extraordinary artistic and commercial criteria that makes of her the essential right hand of the designer.

Imma Navarro

The runways would never shine in the same way without the samples coming out of her sewing machine. Essential in the transition from the catwalk to production, she makes designs and patterns a reality and produces limited editions. She has a privileged vision of the clothes she materializes and is always ready to adapt each garment to each customer.

Mireia Prat

She leads the Manresa store since its inauguration on Sant Jordi of 2012. She knows perfectly the preferences of the customers and makes of the personalized attention her personal seal. Mother of three makes the most of her free time sharing it with her family.