Miriam Ponsa will be awarded with the Premi Bages de Cultura 2019

The designer Miriam Ponsa will receive the “Premi Bages de Cultura” 2019 awarded by Òmnium Bages-Moianès, which will be presented the 29th of November at the City Council of Manresa.

Òmnium Bages-Moianès recognizes the courage of Miriam Ponsa with a whole career of creativity and innovation. The designer has always been distinguished by her commitment and emphasizes that in the 37-year career of the event, it is the first occasion that it is opened up to the recognition of the contribution to culture that can also be made from fashion. Because for Ponsa fashion is much more than a purely aesthetic question, it is an opportunity to include and give a message. For the designer this message must be intrinsically linked to a way of producing that guarantees the respect of the rights of all the workers and workers of the sector.

Miriam Ponsa's career is closely linked to social and political demands with collections that have honored trades that were left in oblivion, such as Trementinaires, Raiers, Les Bugaderes or The Golden harvest and proposals in which the protest against injustices were the A conductor, like I have a Dream, inspired by the figure of Martin Luther King, La Marxa de la Sal, Dones Mula or Muses, a tribute to empowerment, diversity and self-acceptance.

The jury of the competition has emphasized the creative dimension of the designer as well as the fact that his creations, in addition to obtaining a broad recognition, are characterized by the inclusion of social statements.

The award ceremony of the “Premi Bages de Cultura” 2019 will be the 29th of November at an event at the City Council of Manresa