MIRIAM PONSA reinvents itself with the production of personal protective equipment to guarantee security against the Covid-19

Protecting those who protect us. With this in mind, MIRIAM PONSA has decided to turn its production around and focus on meeting the needs of personal protection equipment that are so urgent in professional sectors focused on the care of people. 

MIRIAM PONSA has created prototypes of gowns, pants and masks to meet the demand of the active professional sectors and, in particular, the needs of healthcare personnel and care workers. These personal protective equipment will be made of fabric with a certificate of health use produced in Catalunya.

These pieces will be produced following a process faithful to the values ​​that have consolidated the brand. The commitment to decent work, local production, environmental sustainability and authenticity are at the heart of all their productions and at the heart of their Manifesto. 

MIRIAM PONSA is available to all hospital and centers spectialized in the care for people that may require this material. We will answer all queries from public bodies, institutions and companies that may require protection material a info@miriamponsa.com