MIRIAM PONSA's Manifesto is not a statement of intent. It is our way of working and understanding fashion. It is our essence and we want to share it.

# 1 Creative research

MIRIAM PONSA is born from the passion to create.

# 2 Dignified work

The fashion industry must offer decent working conditions to all the people involved in the creative process.

# 3 Proximity production

The production in local workshops is part of the essence MIRIAM PONSA. Design, patterning, cutting, producing, dyeing, ironinging, quality control and distribution is done exclusively in Catalan workshops and following high standards of quality and sustainability

# 4 Team

MIRIAM PONSA is much more than the creativity of an independent designer, it is a team of women who creates for women.

# 5 Environmental sustainability

The fashion industry should never harm the environment in which it is developed,  but it should find alternatives so that the impact on the territory it is positive.

# 6 Recover, recycle, reuse

MIRIAM PONSA was born in 2000 with the reform of the old family factory, which had been in disuse for 20 years. Since the first day we have been characterized by the recovery of spaces, furniture and clothing that had been dismissed.

# 7 Artisanal process

It is in the process when the various paths appear, and therefore it is more important than the result itself. The process is the game, when everything is possible, is when we enjoy more than ever, it is when production is not production, but craftwork.

# 8 Roots

We respect and value our roots and our cultural heritage. We listen to what is happening in our environment and try to enrich ourselves with the high-value proposals that are born around us.

# 9 Artistic environment

In MIRIAM PONSA art and craft work converge in each piece. It is a fashion alive, inspired by the paths that other artists and creatives from various fields have drawn before.

# 10 Fashion culture

We firmly believe that fashion is culture and that we must seek synergies to build a culture of fashion around us. From healthy competition with brands that share our values it arises mutual enrichment and a solid culture of fashion emerges.