SS20 - Muses

Women empowerment inspires this collection that pays homage to diversity and self-acceptance. The established catwalk beauty canons are broken and the main roles are taken by women of different sizes and ages. The entire collection is customized for each model, seeking to highlight her personality through the pieces.

The models casting has been done with a lot of sensitivity and has prevailed the self confidence and strength of the applicants. Their empowerment has shaped strongly the creation of the collection.

Simone de Beauvoir, Malala Yousafzai, Frida Kahlo and Teresa de Calcuta are some of the muses that inspire the collection and are transformed graphically in the print and embroidery.

Inspiration in fighting women and Japanese martial arts are a reference for working body protections for the head and arms. These pieces symbolize oppression. 

Patterning is worked through oversize shapes to achieve comfortable pieces that allow freedom of movement. Handicraft plays an important role and landscapes symbolizing the richness of diversity are created using ribbons and cords.

The fabrics are mostly of natural composition, cotton, linen and silk prevail. Leather is a key element to create the complements and symbolize the fight and the strength.

Basic colors such as white and black help to emphasize the personality and reinforce the opposites. Toasted colors are present in various ranges and provide tranquility and calmness.