Discover the collection for this autumn-winter

The Fall-Winter 2019-20 collection is an ode to nomadic life, travel and enrichment between different cultures and ways of life. The Silk Road, a road originally from camel caravans that left from China to sell silk in Europe, is at the heart of the collection.

Oversize and organic shapes give way to comfortable garments that do not cling and allow freedom of movement, as they are pieces that need be useful to work and protect from the weather.

The fabrics of natural composition, wool, mohair, alpaca, cotton and silk predominate, which contrast with the use of technical fabrics for outerwear. This combination represents the duality between tradition and modernity.

Pleated clothes evoke the domes of Arabian architecture that are so present in central Asia and it is printed to create a brittle effect. The print is a very used resource as a decoration element and it is applied creating a light / dark lattice.

The color chart approaches nomadism and is rigorous with the tones. Black, gray, earth and khaki are the most present through the collection.