Miriam Ponsa is distinguished with the Creu de Sant Jordi

The Catalan government, on the proposal of the Minister of Culture, has approved to grant the Creu de Sant Jordi to Miriam Ponsa among the 30 personalities and 15 entities that have been recognized with the highest distinction granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya. 

The Creu de Sant Jordi  was awarded to Miriam Ponsa in recognition of her contribution to the renewal and innovation in the world of design and textile fashion in the country. He also emphasized the dissemination of socially committed values ​​such as decent and team work, proximity production, the promotion of artisanal work, environmental sustainability, the use of resources or the inseparable link between author creation. and the culture of the territory. 

Ponsa welcomes the recognition as an honor and a responsibility that encourages the whole team to continue working for a socially responsible and ecologically sustainable fashion. For the designer, fashion is not only an aesthetic matter, behind each collection there is a very elaborate concept that stands out for its authenticity and social commitment. Ponsa understands fashion as an artistic platform and has become its loudspeaker to pay homage, denounce and communicate in a clear and direct way that does not leave anyone indifferent. "Fashion can help, it can be inclusive and it can raise awareness. This is the fashion we want to promote." 

The Creu de Sant Jordi of the Generalitat de Catalunya was established in 1981 with the aim of "distinguishing natural or legal persons who, on their merits, have rendered outstanding services in Catalonia in the defense of their identity or, more generally, on the civic and cultural level. "